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Warp Radio Station

Welcome to the WARP Radio Network! Here you’ll see me doing all kinds of stuff- from taking things apart/putting things together, to twisting knobs, to DJing, to even hosting a comedy or talk show! The WARP Radio Network hosts an eclectic group of DJs from around the globe who bring their talents and genres to YOU! The WARP Radio Network also prides itself on being a truly INTERACTIVE experience where the DJs are live and they converse with the audience as they present their shows! In short, you never know what you’ll see/hear while tuned in and participating in this truly-unique and interactive broadcast!

WARP Radio started out long before the internet became a popular trend.. broadcasting on the AM and FM airwaves in Chicago back in the 80’s and 90’s as a “independent entity” bringing Chicago’s talented bands right to the listeners- and all without having to pay through the nose or greasing the palms of the “mega million dollar” media companies who commandeer the airwaves to this day..

Today, WARP Radio has evolved and moved its talents to the ‘net and thus the “WARP Radio Network” was born.. Here, you’ll find independent, and talented DJs, casters, and others who have a passion for creating some of the most unique and entertaining shows around!.. but it gets even better.. Our DJs and Casters man the live interactive DJ chatroom during their shows- and many take requests and dedications.. while others even make up songs on your behalf!

You just don’t know WHAT you might hear when you tune in.. Casters play a variety of music and some even host talk shows discussing subjects that other stations won’t even touch !

You can also join our Live Interactive DJ Chat at anytime- its open 24/7 and there’s usually someone there to talk to- even if there’s a broadcast on or not! (joining the chat and interacting with other chatters there can initiate a broadcast)

WebSite: http://www.warp-radio.com
Facebook: http://facebook.com/warplive

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