Distortion Radio

Distortion Radio

Distortion Radio is a next-generation music and internet radio platform targeted at today’s younger generation. Streaming high-quality music from both established and rising artists to thousands of dedicated music fans worldwide every day, it is a central location for all of the music that matters in one single place, from alternative to pop to metal. A new approach to music discovery, Distortion is available on a wide range of devices for listening on nearly every supported platform. With a free account, users can earn points, request songs, upload photos and music, and much more. Through innovative social features, listeners, artists, and promoters can connect with the music, fans, and people most relevant to them. Distortion has become one of the fastest-growing online radio networks and communities in its target demographic and will continue to provide an experience that is innovative and dedicated to the interests of its audience.

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Website: http://www.distortionradio.com/

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