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Once upon a time, there were musical traveling mind and embraced our soul. In those years it was quite elusive and their exponents! Many worshiped this ‘dark’ music, but unfortunately did not have many opportunities to come together and enjoy them either live or even from their sound system. The years went by and the conditions were becoming more favorable, but still something was missing. Unfortunately many do not truly love this music.

The traded and trivialize amid much relevance in the world .. Not to looking in depth, not reckoned the gifts of .. And time went .. And the technology is increasingly evolving .. Passing over the years a group of people thought to capitalize on evolution of technology! Yes, that was the idea! They took care of all costs this promotion of music in the soul of people to be generous! With love but with any possible investigation of bid .. it’s a long time trying, looking and tasting. Until finally came the time! 28-1-2014! To Die Seele has become a reality! The Idea finally took place! And people now have the undivided attention and to offer themselves this magical journey through ” that ” music. And living that dream with us … ” Onyria

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