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Blues Music can touch the soul of a person, as it always makes an emotional connection. When hearing the Blues a person will be soothed, excited, aroused to righteous fury or filled with joy. So much of what we take for granted in music over the years has it’s roots in the Blues.Soon after WWII there was Jump-Blues, which became Rhythm’n’Blues, which then crossed over into Rock’n’Roll. Then Gospel got a taste of the ‘Devil’s music’, and morphed into Soul.There is no story without History. Rolling Stones fans need to know about Muddy Waters. Eric Clapton’s fans need to know where Robert Johnson was coming from. Even Metal, Punk, Grunge and Rap have definite roots in the Blues.As the great Willie Dixon said, Blues is the roots, all the other music is the fruits

The BLUES is All over the World! Most of you come here because we share a common interest: the blues. we want to listen to it, read about it, talk about it, share it, be with others who feel the same way.

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